Green Oak offers A Bespoke Alternative To Your House

Are you looking for a strong, cheaper and energy saving material for your home construction? Its time to make your dream come true. Green oak frames add an appeal to your newly constructed home.

Among the differences of building a house with oak and other trees is that oak is used when still green. During the green season – within two years of cutting and while still carrying high moisture, the timber can be still easy to work before it dries up. These green oak frames dry out slowly over time approximated 25mm a year.

One problem with other woods is that they may crack when used green. Oak. Most importantly, the process of drying is one of the best oak properties: as in the drying seasons, it strengthens and in the process becomes stable and difficult.

Oak is easy to maintain and does not have any problem associated with it, such as high risk of fire or pest damage. Its natural, tannins, protects against all the attacks on the germs and insects. And the golden oak is just like a lie; it’s tough because the insects can not penetrate its entire base, nor tolerate the high level of tannin. It is also a high oak density that supplies material at a good level of fire resistance. In the fire, the oak will maintain its creativity for longer than many other materials, including metal, which can distort and lose energy.

Green oak frames is now an original marketing order for the wood industry. Oak has trust in its quality, durability, and tradition. Is this why it is so popular when it comes to our selection of wooden objects? Add all oak permutations that generated the vending machines, and you are the winner. Light, golden, dark, antique, brushed, blonde, and distressed oak.

Sometimes we ask: “Can you show us the color of your oak?” It is tough! Green oak is one of the most beautiful naturally granular wood species, but it is not one color, it is a subtle combination of browns, tan, gold and dark yellows that create a unique natural vision. Each piece of oak has its characteristics.

Have you noticed that the green oak frames have now become more affordable than it used to be? The oak did not suddenly become much cheaper as a raw material. The doors are still solid and have a massive character, but their actual oak content can only account for 15% of the total door weight depending on the design.