Oak Beam: A Beginner’s Guide To The Different Grades Of Antique Oak Beam Flooring

Oak Beam

If you are looking to achieve a particular sense of charm or feeling of nostalgia within your home, it is recommended that you examine your flooring. Antique oak beam flooring is often characterized by unique features including stress cracks, wood knots, and nail holes that are overlooked. Using the natural worn look of aging comes a warmth that is not easily achieved with other design elements; because this material differs in age and appearance, there are now grades to classify the wood flooring. This article will provide detailed information regarding the various grades of antique oak flooring materials.

The first oak beam grade is divided into two sub-categories: the country grade antique oak flooring and the country grade antique white oak flooring. Oak that falls into the country grade category typically presents with an unfinished design and plain saw. The natural characteristics are left intact, and there are different color variations, tight wood knots, stress cracks with wood grains and insect tracks.

The second sub-category is the country grade selected for antique white oak. This grade is down so because it presents with a more consistent coloring approach and a light brown palette. The antique white oak flooring is most often used in homes looking for a historical look and can be re-milled from the used barn beams to provide the unfinished design with square edges.

The rustic grade oak flooring differs from the country grade in that it has a more diverse color palette with larger knots, nail holes, and stress cracks. Despite having a plethora of colors, the natural characteristics make the rustic grade oak flooring very similar to the country grade. This rustic wood is most often sourced from barn siding, sheathing boards, and the rare beams of old barns.

The final grade of antique oak beam flooring is the old original surface grade. This grade is sourced from re-milled antique barn siding and the outer edges of barn beaming. The original surface grade is arguably the most rural grade of wood flooring and presents with the most naturally occuring wood features including knots, nail holes, and stress marks. This untouched appearance provides the floor with the look of a rough barn interior and is popular for old bar room designs.

With regards to the initial purchase of antique oak flooring, finding the most suitable beam option can be difficult. Using the information above can help you decide which is most appropriate for the house design and the improvement project.