The ESTA Application Is Not Supposed To Be A Hassle

While the ESTA application is easy enough, there are rules to follow. You are going to have to fill out the application on time, which means that you need to do it at least 72 hours prior to your trip to the US. It’s actually a good idea if you do it before then, but the 72 hour rule is in effect. Then there are the questions you will be asked on the application.

They are going to ask you about your background. Having to give personal information is expected, but people sometimes worry that they aren’t going to be approved. There is no guarantee of course, but many foreign nationals from countries that are on the list are indeed approved. There is nothing to worry about. The application is not painstaking and is handled online for your convenience.

You’re going to be able to fill out the application for your ESTA quite quickly. Then it’s just a matter of getting approved and booking your airline ticket. Where do you plan to go in the US? it’s more a time to get excited than anything, especially if this is your first time going to the country.

Always make sure you keep up with the latest rules about ESTA and the VWP. For example, there was a law in 2016 that made it mandatory for people to have the electronic passport. If you stay up with the rules, that will help you with your future trips. The ESTA is valid for two years, and then you would have to renew your authorization to travel to the US.

Homeland Security isn’t trying to make the process a hassle. It’s just about procedure, and ESTA being an online application is about as simple as it gets. Therefore, smile, fill out your ESTA application and prepare to travel abroad.