Oak Beams

Oak beams are strong structural elements from oak trees that primarily resist loads that are predominantly applied to their axis, oak beams sawn from oak trees, which are long-lasting hardwoods, used for construction grade. Oak beams can be of two types, freshly sawn oak (green oak beams), this is newly sawn oak beams, they have moisture content, and they are prone to shrinking since drying process is taking place, although they have high moisture content they are good for constriction. The other type of oak beams is air-dried dry beams, which have been in an entire drying duration for
about three years to five years. Moreover, they are the best oak beams for structural building since they don’t shrink.

Oak beams require seasoning immediately after they are sawed, this to avoid any changes in color and appearance of cracks and splits which occurs during the drying process. Therefore, during drying period of oak beams, it is good to dry them under room temperature to avoid the appearance of cracks and splits; and this is why dried oak beams take an extended period to dry, i.e., 3 to 5 years.


How to use oak beams in building houses

If you are considering developing a long-lasting palace like the house the best beams to use are the oak beams this is because they accommodate all methods of house construction without breakage whether it is a green oak beam or dry oak beam. When you want to construct using an oak beam, it is good to know that oak beams are built, off-site then brought to thesite ready to erect a house.

Oak beams form unbroken high performing thermal envelope when used in building, and when designed by a professional designer who is well-versed in house construction of the house pillars and frames execution, which assures you a crucial lasting house.

When you are building a house using oak beams first, you need to clean the oak pillar once the construction phase has concluded, this is because oak pillar especially green beams, produces blue like color or natural tannin, especially when it encounters steel. Cleaning of oak beams can be done, using oxalic acid or sandblasting, although oxalic acid is the best since it is a less intrusive process and it allows the natural appearance of oak to come through.

Oak frames used in the building of houses do not need finishing, because it weathers to a natural silver grey although sometimes some people like coating it with treatments like wax oils. Oak beams are the perfect beams to use when constructing your house ceiling, and they can be used to form oak frame structures. Where they can be used to support the ceiling floors above or even, added in the already built house to add their beauty as cosmetics structures.


Oaks cracks and splits are known as shakes; shakes have low no effect on a house or any structural integrity of the beam. Therefore, they cannot weaken your home.

Oak beams can be used to build any type of house including, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and many more. This is because they are strong and durable despite any environmental conditions.