The Process For Canada E Visa

Canada e visa or Canadian electronic Visa is an authorization to enter the country. If you want to enter the country, you need to have either regular Visa or electronic travel authorization. This electronic travel authorization is applicable to citizens of certain countries and not everyone. So, if you reside in one of the countries that is on the list of electronic travel authorization process, you can apply for this authorization and enter the country without the need to apply for regular Visa.

The regular Visa process is relatively cumbersome as you will need to physically go to the embassy and apply for the Visa there. On the other hand, the Canada e Visa process is completely online. You just need to go to the website and fill in the required information. You are also required to pay a certain fee to apply and once your application is submitted, it is likely that you will receive the authorization from the concerned department within a few minutes. This authorization will be provided in the form of an email. This email needs to be printed and carried with you. You will need to show it to the airline staff and once you have entered the country, to the staff at the airport in order to tell them that you have been approved for entering the country.

When you are applying for this electronic Visa, it is important that you provide all the required information. If any mistake is made, you may get rejected and in that case, you will have to apply for regular Visa. It is also recommended to apply for the e-visa before booking a ticket to Canada to ensure that you are allowed and you won’t have to cancel your booking. Also, there is no guarantee that you will be authorized to travel to Canada. So, do not wait till the last minute and only book your ticket once you have received the authorization.