Wet underfloor heating : what you need to know

Have you ever considered installing an underfloor heating system anywhere in your house? If the answer is yes, then you should probably continue reading this text to get to know some major info about the underfloor heating systems.

To start with, there are two very different types of underfloor heating: wet and dry systems. Wet-water systems typically consist of a series of pipes buried into the floor screed. These pipes are attached to your solar panel or your boiler and they pump water under the floor. On the other hand, dry or electric underfloor heating is all about a network of strong wires under the floor.

These two types of systems have a lot of differences. The installation of a wet heating system costs a lot and needs the help of an expert in the field. Dry-based underfloor systems are more easily installed and more easy to install in difficult places of the house. The running cost for each system on the other hand, is a different story. Wet systems have lower running costs and they are actually a more effective way of achieving underfloor heating. Dry systems are an ideal option for individual rooms and they are easy to retro-fit.

Choosing an underfloor heating system to heat your house is the perfect option if you have large open spaces with high ceilings. The entire floor will radiate heat upwards and it will enable the temperature to increase considerably. Your house’s insulation level should definitely be considered before making your final decision. In some cases, additional insulation may be needed, particularly if you live in a cold or rainy area. Also, underfloor heating is not a good option if your home’s floors are damaged or very old.

Whichever underfloor system you choose to install, you will definitely meet with the following advantages. First of all, you will be able to walk barefoot during the cold days of the winter, particularly after your hot baths. Your floor will radiate heat even if your windows are open and the temperature will be kept quite
stable during the whole days and nights. It has the privilege of being hidden, so it will not affect your decoration or steal you of some important space of your room.

Undoubtedly, underfloor heating systems have a lot of benefits over other heating solutions such as radiators. Choosing the type that best fits your room needs a lot of consideration and possibly the serious advice of an expert.